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Here is a game hangtag i made for a mobile game. its a marketing tool for promoting a plush toy line UNGA developed. (Snuggles) DC diddn't go onboard so the game is not developed. Play this game, go to the top of this page: top right click Profu the game: scroll down click play. wait for it to load, refresh page after 3 minutes. its in Beta very early Beta
Drugs infographic, the first animation i did.
I did a series of 5 animations one for each WishBuddy Its about a series of little plush toys, developed by UNGA a company in amsterdam i worked for as an intern for 5 months. I also made 5 colour pencils for the Wish Buddie website, wich you can see at the very bottom of the WishBuddies website. Click on that link to go the website and see my animations :)